Kairos, derived from the Greek word for opportunity(καιρός), symbolizes our commitment to providing an all-encompassing toolkit that empowers users to seize the perfect moment for financial success.


$Kairos has been fair launched with 0% tax, 100% tokens added to Uniswap v2 liquidity and lp is burnt forever.

Kairos AI Tweet Sniper

At the core of our ecosystem, the Kairos AI Tweet Sniper captures influential tweets, like Elon Musk's impacting $TROLL token. Analyzing memeable words, it recommends optimal tokens and enables instant deployment through the Kairos Token Launcher, ensuring users stay ahead in the dynamic crypto market.

Kairos Token Launcher

In the dynamic crypto landscape, the Kairos Token Launcher empowers users to swiftly create and deploy tokens, seizing unexpected opportunities. Complemented by the Kairos Mixer, which ensures secure and anonymous fund management, the duo offers users flexibility and heightened security for successful navigation in the crypto space.

Kairos Mixer

Ensuring financial privacy is crucial, and the Kairos Mixer facilitates anonymous mixing and bridging of funds. Users can seamlessly move assets between wallets, increasing the security of their holdings.

Kairos Sniper

The Kairos Sniper, our versatile tool, embeds functionalities to manage assets seamlessly on Telegram. This tool facilitates the easy sniping of newly launched tokens, enhancing your chances of being a winner in the dynamic crypto market.

Who We Are

In Ancient Greek mythology, Kairos personified the god of opportunity, and now, we are reintroducing this concept into modern life. Kairos aims to provide everyone with a golden opportunity, effortlessly enabling individuals to seize life-changing moments with ease.

No VC, and a fair launch.

By possessing $Kairos, you unlock exclusive access to our premium tool, the AI Tweet Sniper. However, the benefits extend further – mere ownership of $Kairos grants you the right to a share of the revenue generated by our diverse range of tools, enhancing your participation in the success of the Kairos Ecosystem.


$KAIROS listing on Uniswap V2. Tracking listings expedited.

Website revamp. Whitepaper release.

Aggressive marketing and promotion

Release of Kairos Mixer and Kairos Token Launcher

Release of Kairos AI Tweet Sniper

Release of Kairos Sniper

More tools and functionalities