Bringing back the god of opportunity, KAIROS

Bringing maximum yield profits to $Kairos stakers and holders with our innovative investment models.


$Kairos has been fair launched with 0% tax, 100% tokens added to Uniswap v2 liquidity.

Yield Aggregator

We actively invest in high-yield and the most robust projects and redistribute the rewards to $Kairos stakers. Our primary target is LSD projects including Lido and the decentralized perpetual trading platform GMX.


Users just need to stake $Kairos tokens to earn passive income in the most promising assets including $stETH, $GMX, etc without losing their investment.


Lending mechanism in Kairos ecosystem will allow $Kairos holders to borrow wstETH based on the backing price. The interest charged by this mechanism will be redistributed to $Kairos stakers/holders.

Who We Are

In ancient greek, Kairos was the god of opportunity and we're bringing it back to the modern life. Kairos is giving the average investor the opportunity to create passive income by simply holding & staking $Kairos.

No VC, and a fair launch.

By staking $Kairos, users can receive high ETH node rewards from LSD projects and GMX rewards. LSD projects are the most promising projects since Shanghai upgrade is pretty near and GMX is gaining popularity and they provide a higher APY to higher stakers. GMX APY model allows us to actively invest in this protocol.

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We have 0% transaction tax.

$KAIROS listing on Uniswap V2. Tracking listings expedited.

Website revamp. Whitepaper release.

Tier-1 CEX listings and aggressive marketing

Investment protocol for GMX. Launch Beta v1.

Investment protocol for LSD projects. Launch Beta v2.

Lending mechanism. Launch Beta v3.

Aggresive testing and final launch.


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